Authentication of Credentials for International Use

In order to obtain a work visa, most countries require the individuals to have his/her degree legalized by their embassy. Also, each embassy has its own procedure to verify and authenticate the validity of the diploma, transcripts or any other academic document. Please send us an email request detailing the country and purpose, and we will send you the guideline to have your credentials apostille or legalized.

Degree from On-line Universities

For authentication purposes, some embassies recognize on-line degrees, and some do not. If you have found some difficulties in authenticating this type of degree please send us an email.  We may be able to find an alternative solution.

Degree Authentication Procedure

  • Obtain an official copy of the credentials bearing the seal of the university. Request it for foreign use and have the university register notarize the document by the school/university public notary.
  • The notarized academic document has to be apostille or certified by the secretary of the state where the school is located.
  • The document must be authentication by the U.S. Department of State (USDOS) in Washington, DC.
  • The document is legalized by the foreign consulate.