Washington D.C. Court Research & Document Retrieval

We have years of experience helping individuals & corporations to research and retrieve documents from courts and government agencies throughout Washington, DC (WDC), Virginia and Maryland. Example of where we can research and retrieve documents are the following:

  • United States (Federal) Courts: Supreme Court, Federal Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, District Court of Maryland, District Court of Eastern Virginia, District Court Washington DC, Multidistrict Litigation
  • District of Columbia: Washington, DC Superior Court
  • Maryland: General District & Circuit Courts of Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Charles County, Howard County, Prince George County, Montgomery County
  • Virginia: General District & Circuit Courts of Alexandria, Arlington, Prince William County, Fairfax County, Loudon, Frederick/ Winchester, Fredericksburg
  • Specialized Government Agencies: National Archives & Records Administration, Washington DC and College Park (MD), U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; U.S. Library of Congress, Offices of Budget and Management (OMB), Smithsonian Institution, etc.

Police Clearance Retrieval and Legalization for Visa

Federal, state, and local criminal background checks

We at Roca Authentications LLC in Washington, DC provide highly professional services for retrieving and authenticating U.S. police clearance certificates and FBI Criminal Background Checks for individuals who have lived in the United States to be used in foreign countries. Police clearance certificates are used for a variety of purposes, including permanent residence, work, or study abroad to prove that the individual has no criminal background.
Most state and local police clearances that will be used abroad require notarization and Apostille, or authentication at the Secretary of State (Ex. California, Michigan, Texas, etc.) where they were issued. FBI Criminal Background Checks are federal documents that require US Department of State (USDOS) authentication or Apostille, which is done close to our office here in WDC. Depending on the country, some documents also need to be legalized at the consular section of the foreign embassy in the USA, which we can do.

Note: If you have a recently issued U.S. police clearance or FBI Criminal Background Check you can also send it to us to be Apostilled or legalized at any foreign embassy. We have established a solid working relationship with many foreign embassies and government offices located throughout the U.S.

Business and Personal Document Retrieval

Federal, state, county, and city records

We can also retrieve copies of public records that have been filed in a state, county, city or other government office. If the document is going to be used overseas we can have it apostille or authenticated and then have it legalized by any embassy. The following list includes just some of the documents we are able to retrieve in all 50 states at the federal, state, county and city levels.

For businesses: Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Incorporation, Miscellaneous State Certificates, Court Documents, Franchise Tax Status, etc.

Personal Documents: Proof of Single Status, Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Birth Certificates, FS-240 Birth Record for U.S. Citizen born abroad, etc.

Required documents, turnaround time, and fees Documents needed to start the process, turnaround time and fees vary depending upon the type of document and location where the document will be retrieved. Also, if the document is going to be used overseas we would need to know which country so that we can determine the cost and fees at the embassy. Please send us an email detailing your needs and we can provide you with specific instructions and estimates of the total fees and turnaround time. When the process has been completed we will ship the document to the address you provide. 

Processing Instructions: When sending your documents make sure to include your name and contact information. Send all documents to Roca Authentications LLC to the address listed below.

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