Roca Authentications LLC specializes in Visa Processing and Document Authentication. Our expedited Visa Processing Service will be done by one of our trained processing agents.  They will deliver your visa application for processing to any embassy in the Washington, DC area.

Roca Authentications LLC Visa Advantage:

  • Washington, DC based visa services
  • Family-run business that will provide personal attention and service
  • Agent expertise with embassies and government offices

With Roca Authentications LLC expedited services, our trained professional office staff will take your visa supporting documents to the appropriate embassy or agency and have them processed properly. When the process has been completed we will pick them up and will have them returned directly to the address you provide.

Items to be included in your package to Roca Authentications LLC:

  • Original valid passport for each individual wanting to obtain a visa.
  • Appropriate paperwork (application) completed for each embassy/consulate to obtain a visa.  Make sure that passport and application(s) are signed and dated.
  • Passport photo(s) for each visa application.
  • Appropriate payment to both the embassy and Roca Authentications LLC.
  • Daytime phone number and email address where you can be reached if additional information is needed.
  • Prepaid mailer (i.e. Federal Express, UPS, etc.) to return completed documents to you.

Note: With regard to work visas: Embassies generally require confirmation of employment, results of medical tests, police background checks, etc.


Roca Authentications LLC processing fees starts at US$ 80 per visa, depending on the time needed for Roca Authentications LLC to accomplish the necessary steps.  Some embassies have a multi-step process.  The fee does not include the embassy fee or the shipping cost to return the documents to the client. Embassies issue visas for different purposes: Tourist, Business, Work, etc. Please email us to confirm the actual cost of processing of your visa.

Note: When sending your documents please email us the shipper’s tracking number so that at any time we can track your package’s location.

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