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We accept cash, US checks, bank wire transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, as well as money transfers from foreign financial institutions that have an affiliation with banks in the United States. To facilitate payments from foreign countries we take credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) over the telephone or through PayPal (as noted in this website).

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To pay your invoice online, click on the Paypal button below. You will be directed our payment page. NOTE: A PayPal account is not required to make payments through PayPal.

Consular Fees Consular Fees – Each country’s consulate has different requirements and different fees. Please email us for additional information related to fees and expenses for each specific consulate. Roca Authentications LLC Standard Fees**

  • Retrieval and Notarization, varies depending upon document and state
  • Certification, Secretary of State, varies depending upon document and state
  • Certification by the U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce, $30
  • Certification by Government Agencies, varies depending upon document and agency
  • Authentication by the U.S. Department of State, $40
  • Legalization by a Consulate, starting at $60


Please note the standard fees above do not include the fees required by each agency or consulate.  Current fees are as follows: US Department of State US $8 per document, District of Columbia authentication fees US $15 per document. Also, it does not include the fees to be paid to government agencies, embassies/consulates, courts, etc.

** Expedited Services may be available. Additional charges will apply.

Third Party Charges Please note that our rates do not include charges for third party vendors or items purchased to complete the request. There will be additional charges for expenses and fees incurred at consulates, embassies, as well as courier fees for the return of documents to the client. Please contact us for an estimate of the total charges.


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